The Whole 30

NNtwIvOxI’m excited about this blog and about sharing my Whole 30 journey with you all! I get a lot of questions about this program, so I am happy to share some tips and tricks I have learned along the way. Please note, that I am not claiming to be a fitness guru. I stumbled upon this program a few years ago and it really taught me a lot about how big of an impact food has on the way we think and feel. Sounds crazy, right? Again, I don’t make the best decisions about what I fuel my body with on a day to day basis. When I tell you that I LOVE pizza, and all things carbs, I am not lying. Mexican food and baskets upon baskets of chips? Sign me up! I LOVE food, but I also reach a point where my body (and my jeans) are telling me, “Whitney, you know you are miserable and you need to make a change.” That’s when I know it’s time to tackle another Whole 30.

What is the Whole 30?

The Whole 30 is a program meant to change the way you feel about food and for 30 days,  you give up certain foods in order to change your tastes/cravings, etc. Simply put, it’s a detox for your body. I don’t want to get too much into detail. Instead, I encourage you all to read everything you can about the Whole 30, because there is seriously too much information for me to cover. Take some time to read about the Whole 30 and learn about ALL of the great benefits this program offers. It will provide you with a grocery list, all the do’s and don’ts and a ton of other resources. My goal here is hopefully to offer a Survival Guide for all of you who have asked about it. It’s NOT easy, but it’s mind over matter. You can do ANYTHING you put your mind too- especially for 30 days.

So, for 30 days…

  • No grains
  • No dairy
  • No legumes (beans)
  • No alcohol
  • No sugar

Are ya’ll still with me? Good! Let’s move on. So what can you eat? Meat, veggies, fruit, some nuts, and water (sounds pretty bland, huh)? Sound like PALEO? Well, it is, except you aren’t supposed to go “re-creating” foods like “paleo pancakes” or “paleo pizza.” The idea is to get you away from craving those foods. Again, that’s where you need to read more into the program- it will explain all of this to you! 🙂

I Just Know I am Going to Cheat…

Well, yeah, if you go into it with that mindset then you are definitely going to fail! The rule of the Whole 30 is, if you cheat, you have to start completely over. Not joking- you have to start over. Completely, over. Sooo, don’t do it! Prepare yourself mentally for this program. Again, it’s not easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things I have ever done, but let me tell you- I have never learned so much DISCIPLINE in my LIFE! If you can do this, I swear you can do anything. It will make any other “diet” you do a cake walk.

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

I’m going to be 100% honest with you- you are going to be living in your kitchen for the next 30 days. You literally have to cook EVERY single meal. There are days when you come home and all you want to do is Netflix and chill. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can do that, but first, you gotta prep your meals. You have to be prepared with meals, snacks, and more snacks for when you get HANGRY. You never want to be in a situation where you weren’t prepared and have to resort to cheating.

So, What is the Benefit?

So far, everything I have said sounds pretty negative. Oops! I think it’s me trying to be brutally honest about the program because it is tough, but, it is also very rewarding. Not only will you experience weight loss, but you will feel better overall. Like, tiger blood good! Each time I have completed the program, I have lost anywhere from 10-12 lbs. By day 10, my pants were seriously too big! I was sleeping better, had better/more energy, and just felt GOOD!

It is also known to improve or cure other health issues such as high blood pressure, heartburn, sinus infections…the list goes on.


If you can talk a friend, husband, sibling, whoever into doing this with you, do it! It is so much easier when you have an accountability partner. There is no way I would be able to do this without my husband. P.S.- he is also joining me on the 3rd round (he did the 1st and 2nd with me too)! 🙂

Resources: Grocery List, Program Rules, Dining Guide, Etc.

Whole 30 Downloads are HERE.

Social Media

Follow @whole30 and @whole30recipes on Instagram for meal ideas!

Pinterest is also another great resource for meal ideas!

And GO!

Tomorrow is Day 1! I will blog my way through the process and will share recipes, typical days and what I eat, ups and downs, and how I feel along the way! Stay tuned!





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