Day Twelve

Well, here I am ALMOST half way through the Whole 30. I must say it has not been terrible. I forget how amazing this program is. Here I am, 12 days in, and my pants fit like a dream. Some of my pants are even too big. How can that be possible after 12 days??

This week…

  • My pants fit better
  • I’ve lost at least 6 – 7 lbs since I started (3-4 just in the last week)
  • I’m sleeping much better
  • My energy level is up
  • I’ve been very productive at work
  • I’ve just about kicked my dairy craving (cheese, cheese, cheese)!
  • I feel way more comfortable in my clothes
  • I feel like I have de-bloated a lot

But I also…

  • Had killer headaches every day
  • Lost my appetite a little
  • Really wished I could have birthday cake (from the 2 birthdays we celebrated at work)

The pros are definitely outweighing the cons which is my motivation to press on. I know you aren’t technically supposed to weigh on this program, but whatever. It helps keep me motivated. I also don’t weigh every day. I weigh about once a week just to see the progress (even though I don’t need to see it on the scale because I feel it in my clothes).


This week, a lot of our meals were pretty simple. We had chicken salad and tuna salad, which I totally forgot to take a picture of.

We also had shrimp and zoodles (see below)

One night, I had chicken and green beans. That was all I was craving. And the night after that, I had breakfast for dinner! This weeks meals were pretty basic. I didn’t get too creative because I really wasn’t hungry for just one thing. I could definitely tell I wasn’t getting as hungry as often. I am normally a 11:30am lunch eater, and one day this week I didn’t eat until around 1:30 which is not normal for me.

I’m still snacking on fruits and nuts (pistachios, or as Preston calls them, “The crab meat of nuts”). They are a little pricey. 🙂

I’m enjoying my one a day La Croix Berry sparkling water that I usually have around lunch. It’s refreshing after drinking water all the time. I also have one cup of black coffee in the morning.

We have still managed to stay away from white potatoes, and are eating A LOT of chicken. PS- Publix had BOGO Greenwise chicken breasts this morning. You’re welcome!

I’ve got a tomato-y chicken soup in the crock pot for tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s lunch. We are heading out to Lucky 7 (the farm) tomorrow to practice shooting our guns we got for Christmas so I will be sure to pack lots of snacks to hold us over.

I am SO excited to shop for spring/work clothes but am trying to make myself be patient until this W30 is over. I’m hopeful another 5lbs or so will fall off. I feel confident they will. 🙂 But all these pretty floral patterns and cute dresses have me drooling. I need all of them!!!

I’m really not even far off from my overall goal… another 10lbs and I’ll be good to go. Whole 30 is JUST what I needed to jump start getting to my goal weight. There’s no magic pill, or drink, or shake. Just clean up your diet, and watch the magic happen.

Until next time…


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