We are DONE with our 3rd Whole 30! Today, is Day 34 and I have to say, I have really surprised myself. I really have not had any cravings for any foods. Yesterday morning, I made PALEO blueberry muffins and they were OH SO GOOD. It was seriously the most delicious thing we’ve had in weeks. Preston went on and on about how good they were. You can find the recipe here.

There’s something different about finishing this Whole 30. I have every intention of continuing to do well. Just the fact that I haven’t really wanted any other foods is surprising me BIG. Last year after we finished a Whole30, I had 2 Krispy Kreme donuts for breakfast the next morning. I’ve had no desire for it this time around.

I’m still planning to have my cheat meal today, but then it’s back to the grind. Preston and I have to take advantage of pretty off days together! The amount of energy I had yesterday was insane. I did a couple of laps around the neighborhood, and then came back and worked out abs and arms…just spur of the moment because I wanted to. I felt GOOD so I took advantage.

I am loving the way my clothes fit again. I love the way I feel. I went shopping yesterday for some new work pants because mine don’t fit anymore. Everything fit so good! I am fitting back into my usual size and am working towards dropping down another.

I love that I don’t CRAVE greasy foods. I saw a number on the scale I haven’t seen in a while. I am still not quite where I want to be, but I’m closer. Why throw away all of my hard work? I am now motivated to work harder.

  • I have lost around 12-13lbs.
  • Energy levels are WAY up
  • My cravings are gone
  • I’m still drinking my coffee black, Whaaaa
  • I’m more motivated than I have been in a while

PS: Preston lost 26lbs!!!!!! Believe it!

I’m really proud of how far we’ve come in the last 34 days and I am looking forward to continuing on the Whole9 Lifestyle.

If you are thinking about doing a Whole30… DO IT! Do your research, know what you are getting into, and then knock it out. You can do anything for 30 days!

Be sure to continue to follow Young & Schmitten as I am transitioning this thing into a DIY blog. 🙂

Life after Whole 30



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