Young & Schmitten


I am so excited to share this blog with all of you!

It all started when I began blogging my Whole30 journey back in March. When that was over, I wanted to continue writing because I had such great feedback from my blog posts and I genuinely enjoyed writing them. Let’s be honest, my Whole30 blog was fun, but healthy eating is not something I am super great at and definitely not something I could blog about all the time. I felt like it was a good time to transition my blog into something I really enjoyed…all things DIY.

The Backstory 

A few years ago in our first home on Maddie Ridge, I kept telling Preston that I wanted a farmhouse table for my dining room. After checking out Pottery Barn and other furniture stores, we realized that the prices were outrageous and there was no way we could have one unless we built it ourselves. We immediately began searching for plans and found the perfect one from Ana White. Click here for the plans.

In just a month, my husband who had never built anything like this before, built the most beautiful table. THIS is where it all started. He began woodworking and building other things like coffee and end tables, a kitchen island for his mom, benches, nightstands, bookshelves, etc.

Here is our table in progress! Can you tell he’s proud?
And here was the after!

This is where the obsession started.

While this blog is just in the beginning stages, I hope that you will follow along as I share some of our favorite projects that we have done, as well as some very anticipated projects we hope to begin in our next home. We are currently in the process of purchasing our next house, and have LOTS of projects lined up for it! If all goes as planned, we will be settling in next month into our “farmhouse in the city” as I like to call it. It is a great house and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

In the meantime, watch for blog posts on previously done projects, and hopefully next month I will be able to share some new, bigger and more challenging ones! 🙂








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