Week 1-2 Projects

Hey Everyone!

I am SO excited to finally be sharing some of our house updates with you. I haven’t had internet in the new house for a little over a week…I feel like I’ve been living off the grid! Just kidding, but I am excited to get this thing started and share with you some things we have been working on in the last week or so. To learn a little about how we found our house, be sure to check out the “Our Home” page on my blog.

Let’s get started.

The Green Garage Door

What an eye sore it was. When we first looked at this house, we saw how much potential it had. Everyone who saw it said to us, “You are going to paint that garage door, right?” We assured them it was the first thing on our list. We went out of town to visit family and while we were gone, we had our painter come paint some of the interior of the house. He offered to paint the garage for an extra $100… DONE! It’s amazing how much better the exterior looks since having this done. Garage doors are meant to blend with the house, not stand out and be a focal point.

Before and After. SO MUCH BETTER!

Ceiling Fan Nightmare

Let’s just say the original owners hadn’t replaced the ceiling fans probably since the house was built back in 1986. YIKES!

They were brown. They were small. They had lattice on them. You guys, this is such an easy fix! Preston and I had gone a few weeks before we moved to Home Depot and picked out a new ceiling fan. We went with the Hunter “Channing” fan. It was $99! You can’t beat that. Originally, we had planned to only replace the one in the living room and the master bedroom. Those were the only ceiling fans in the house. Before we knew it, we had bought 4 ceiling fans and now have them in 3 of the bedrooms and in the living room. They looked that good!

I wish I had better pictures, but in the hustle and bustle of moving, it was the best I could get!

Bye Bye, Yellow Walls

Yall, I have just never been a fan of yellow walls. In our last house, we had the gold/yellow standard contractors paint throughout the house when we first moved in. Eventually, we had the whole house painted Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter. The original owners of this house had recently painted most of the house Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige. It was close enough the the Revere Pewter, so we had the rooms that were still yellow painted while we were out of town visiting family. It literally changed everything.



Our master looks totally different. Nothing a little paint and a new ceiling fan can’t fix.

We have officially been in our house two weeks today, and we are making some headway. Our current, and very large undertaking, are the kitchen cabinets. This makes the second weekend we have been working on them. I’ll save that one for another blog!

Until next time!



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