Living Room Confusion

What a terrible blogger I am!

I had this vision when we moved into our new (old) home, that I would become this trendy blogger, blogging about all things DIY and updates we made to our house along the way. Clearly, I have failed miserably. But hey, it’s never too late!

My other goal was to blog solely so I had the opportunity to write. I was once told that I was good writer… ok, maybe not so much a good writer but that I was relatable. I hope that I can relate to you all in my blog posts. Not every post will be about our home. After all, I am no Chip and Joanna Gains although I tell my husband he reminds me of Chip ALL the time.

Anyways, moving on.

Let’s talk about living rooms. My living room has changed 100 times since moving in. Let me note, that I have a super patient husband who puts up with my constant change of things so thank you, P! I’ve probably changed my curtains out 3 times, my rug out 3-4 times, and for some reason I just can’t make up my mind. I have this weird style, you see. I love the farmhouse style, but for some reason can never seem to capture it in my home. Anybody feel me on this? I’ve come to just accept my living room as is, and I’m moving on to other projects.

IMG_6044 (1)
If I had one do-over, it would be to have white/cream couches instead of brown. I recently bought this rug from All the furniture is built by Preston. I’m still trying to talk him into letting me paint the fireplace. 🙂 And yes, I let him hang this deer head in our living room. It’s about compromise, folks.
I love all the natural light in this house! So many windows!

Unfortunately, these pictures do not show the entirety of my living room, but we are in the process of building a table for the back wall. I’ll blog about that under the wood working section of my blog once it’s complete so stay tuned!

Coming up…

We are FINALLY getting new kitchen floors! I am hopeful they will be done by the weekend! Day one of moving into this house I said, “Those floors have got to go.” I’m so anxious!

We started here…
Now we’re here… except those cabinets got a second coat of paint and we have updated the gold hardware to stainless steel.

Stay Tuned! Have a great week!

-Whitney S.


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