Hello, New Floors.

Ever notice that no matter the size of your kitchen, that’s where everyone seems to gather? Well, I didn’t want everyone to gather in our kitchen because I really wasn’t a fan of the green floors we had. They were really cramping my style. (Excuse the dirty house–this was the night before construction).


My husband and I had been talking about replacing them for a while but just kept putting it off. Finally, we decided there was no better time than now, so we got to work. We felt this was a job that needed to be done by a professional, so we bought all the materials and let the tile man go to work.

We settled on a 12×24 silver porcelain tile. After looking all over Madison County, low and behold, we found the tile of our choice from Lowes. You can find it, here.


After we bought the materials (tile, thin set, grout, backer board, screws, etc.) we let the tile man get to work. He made pretty amazing progress on day one! Shout out to Robert’s Custom Tile!

Robert had all the backer board laid on the first day, as well as all the solid pieces of tile.
By Day 3, the floors were finished. We used “Delorean Grey” for the grout color.

I don’t think the floor registers had been replaced since the house was built so we bought new ones that you can find here. We are BIG Amazon Prime shoppers when it comes to house hold items such as light fixtures and other miscellaneous things!



Needless to say, this was a long overdue project, and we are so glad we got this one knocked out in time for Memorial Day Weekend! Slowly but surely, we are putting our kitchen back together. We are excited to have friends and family over to gather in our kitchen!



-Whitney S.


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