cropped-12265669_10206448482303248_8516170626016856885_o.jpgHey ya’ll!

My name is Whitney Schmitt and I am a 28 year-old living in the Huntsville/Madison County area. I am married to a wonderful man named Preston and we have a goldendoodle named Isabel.

I currently work for a Defense Contractor in Corporate Communications. My husband is a Law Enforcement Officer. We are both lucky to have jobs that we LOVE, but DIY projects are something we love to do together and it’s also a big stress reliever for Preston. He LOVES wood working.

We bought our first home in June of 2012 and spent 4 years in that house. We sold that home back in June and recently purchased this home in September. The moment we walked into this house, we knew it was it. This house is a little older, but definitely has that farmhouse flare that we love in the heart of the city. With the age of this house comes some do-it-yourself projects. We learned from our first house that it doesn’t take a lot of money to make a house a home… all you need is a little labor of love. That is what I hope to share with you all in this blog.

Our projects are nothing fancy or extravagant, but they are little here and there’s that make our home, home. We have a lot of work to do so I hope to use this blog to share the journey. I definitely do not take credit for most of the stuff we have done. I love to follow other bloggers, and will be sharing their info as I go.

Enjoy our Young&Schmitten blog!

-Whitney Schmitt


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